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For easy access, Electro-gate is just the tick.

The Bray Electro-Gate is used by thousands of farmers, stock breeders and land owners worldwide

Electro-Gate is a safe and reliable replacement for farm and road gates with all the time saving and convenience of a cattle grid at a fraction of the cost.

It can be linked up to existing electric fence systems, or operated seperately from mains and battery.

The hardwearing PVC units are available for gateways up to 12ft.(3.60 metres) and 16ft.(5 metres) and will give long and trouble-free service even under tough farm conditions.

No damage to vehicle paintwork. The flexible glass fibre rods are covered in electrically conductive rubber.

Insulated handgrips are provided for pedestrians' use.

Standard insulation of motor vehicles and tractors prevent drivers from receiving a shock.

Any number of Electro-Gate units may be connected to one fencing unit by using light-weight insulated wire.

A standard unit (12ft. or 16ft.) is supplied complete with rods, hinges, warning sign and insulated ground cable.

Electro-Gate is ideal in any of these situations:

Unfenced farm approach roads and private drives.

In conjunction with strip and paddock grazing.

For covered cattle yards and courts to give easy access for bedding and feeding.

For collecting and dispersal yards to milking parlours.

For private houses or common land and other unfenced areas to protect gardens from ponies and wild animals.

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